The Pitfall of Solo Travelling

The Pitfall of Solo Travelling

I went to Hawaii’s Big Island to fulfill a lifelong dream. I saw a volcano with my own two eyes. I flew in an open-door helicopter over the top of its crater, and then drove along its destructive path.

It’s the volcano that erupted in May last year. The lava had finally cooled, leaving a brand-new black beach. It’s the newest beach in the world, as the eruption was so powerful it flowed all the way to the edge of the island, spewing into the ocean. You have to respect Mother Nature.

Anyone who knows me, or Insta-stalks my socials, will know that I’m a solo adventure. I may join a tour along the way, but I am always buying a ticket for one. It’s my time to be selfish. I pick where I want to go and what I want to see. It’s my time and my money and I make no apologies for it.

However, I’ve come to realise on this holiday that there are some major pluses to having a travelling companion, whether that be a bestie, or a partner, or a family member (if you are brave enough).

1. You have someone to throw a camera at when you want your photo taken in front of the 13th beach you’ve visited or with the fifth cocktail you’ve knocked back.

2. You have someone to go to the mini-mart and buy you Panadol, Berocca, and Gatorade while you are lying in bed regretting that fifth cocktail you had the night before.

3. When you are standing in front of something culturally significant and you have someone to turn to and say, “Isn’t that incredible/old/what the actual f*ck is it supposed to be?”

4. You can order multiple things off the menu without the chance of food envy and share the selections. I was left salivating over other diners’ choices or over ordering and walking out of the restaurant looking like Fat Bastard from Austin Powers.

5. When you’re lying in bed because you’ve overindulged at the buffet breakfast, you have someone who can motivate you to get out of bed and seize the day. They can remind you of all the amazing experiences you are missing out on if you continue to impersonate a slug… Or they can lay beside you and waste the day with you (or at least get your sorry arse to the pool day beds).

So, I think I am having a change of heart. I have always been for me, myself and I on holidays but MAYBE there is room for someone to be my ride or die. A friend who can be my Thelma to my Louise, or my Bert to my Ernie.

Only if we do things my way…

‘Til next time, Stampsy x

Ps. FYI I know this is the third article I’ve written about travelling so before you ask, 1. No, I can’t claim the trip on tax because I’ve written about it (trust me, I’ve tried) & 2. It’s when I have some of my deepest and not so profound epiphanies aka my inner voice goes rogue.

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Stampsy is the Music Director and Drive Announcer at K Rock in Geelong