The Pierce Brothers

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The Pierce Brothers

Fresh from a tour overseas the twins and indie-folk musicians, Jack and Pat Pierce, took some time out to chat to Forte magazine ahead of their performance at the Birregurra festival and their Northern Lights tour.
Hi guys, thanks for taking the time out to chat to Forte, how are you and what are you up to at the moment?
No stress at all! Right now we’re at our European managers place getting our stuff ready to head to the airport and back to Australia! We’re tired, smelly and pretty chuffed with how this tour has gone.
You seemed to get where you are without any real major radio airplay or label support. Do you think it’s important for people to see that in an age where everyone wants to win TV talent quests?
Jack: It’s funny that we get it a lot busking that ‘Why haven’t you gone on The Voice?’ or something of the sort. TV talent shows are a waste of time, and are damaging to the artists and the industry.
Pat: Just because some people on a TV say, ‘You will be the biggest act in the country’ in a vocal byte from the advert for the show, but it all means nothing. The market for talent quests isn’t where we aim our music anyway.
Jack: The market for talent quests is also changing with each new season; the thing to remember is that these are television shows. They have a young tween audience that outgrow these “pop sensations” and move onto other music. Which is fine for the quest, because they always have another season and another young market to reach. Besides, revealing yourself to the audience is only the beginning. Things started really building for us when we got a great team around us that we trust (Lemontree Music and 123 Agency) and they started really championing us! And really, we can have our opinions on these things, but we’ve never been through them. Maybe they’re great? What do I know?
‘The Music’ pronounced you both as the next John Butler Trio, how was it to hear someone say that of your music?
Both: John Butler has probably had the biggest influence on our music overall. His whole approach to music and formulas had us hooked from the beginning. We have an old song that we play a lot called ‘Self Portrait’, which is our own response to his ‘Ocean’. It’s a bit derivative, but we let people know at each show it’s our homage to JBT while still doing something of our own. We were very humbled to have been likened to such an artist, however we have a bloody long way to go if we want to get anywhere near his creativity!
You’ll actually be playing with them at the Caloundra Music festival, are you looking forward to that?
Both: Yeah we’re both so excited for that! We’ve not been up for this festival before, but we’ve heard from it every year and the lineups are always awesome! It’s one of those festivals that we never thought we’d play; and not least of which with a lineup including Butler! That’s one festival we CAN’T WAIT to sink our teeth into. We’ve got some ideas for this Australian tour on stage that we want to put to good use.
You’re also playing the Birregurra Festival, what can punters expect from your set there?
Both: Well we’ve got some new songs we’d love to get across live and try them out before putting them into the studio. We watched acts in the Netherlands at the Lowlands Festival – looking for ideas! We’ll certainly do our best to smash out a massive one at Birregurra!
Thanks again for taking the time out to answer some questions, is there anything you’d like to add before we finish up?
Both: The Netherlands is one of the best countries in the world! Seriously get there! But also we’re coming home. There’s some great excitement in that.
Jack: I’m going hiking for 2 days.
Pat: Yeah we’re both taking two days off. Yessssssss.
When&Where: Birregurra Festival – October 11 & 12
Photo by Snappatronik