The Petrel Hotel are hosting a night of the Oils

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The Petrel Hotel are hosting a night of the Oils

Midnight Oil are one of the most ‘Australian’ rock bands this country has ever produced. Born from the Australian pub rock scene that gave us AC/DC, Cold Chisel and INXS, the Oils were able to break out of that scene without compromising themselves in any way.

There is no doubt, they were more than just a rock and roll band. They stopped traffic, inflamed passions, inspired fans, challenged the concepts of “business as usual” and broke new ground.

It was their live shows however which truly set them apart. To witness Midnight Oil was to experience the full visceral, transcendent, kinetic power of live rock and roll… and it’s an energy that has spawned many great tributes.

Let us introduce you to one of our favourites; Powderworks The Midnight Oil Tribute Show.

Celebrated as one of Australia’s premier Oils Tribute band, the Melbourne-based band covers the extensive catalogue of Oils hits from the early albums and EP’s, such as their self-titled debut album from 1978, Head Injuries, and Place Without a Postcard right through to the chart smashing 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1, Red Sails in the Sunset, Diesel & Dust and Blue Sky Mining. Whether you like guitar, bass, drums, or just thought-provoking lyrics, there is always something to love in any Midnight Oil song.

Consisting of five seasoned and accomplished players (Alex Hell, Steven Burns, Craig Sayer, Rick Gauci and Joshua Sforzin), Powderworks recreate the passion, energy and big, big sound that Midnight Oil were famous for in concerts, such as 1982’s Live at Capitol Theatre.

Quite simply, Powderworks is the most dynamic and energetic Midnight Oil tribute to be found… and they are coming to Geelong’s Petrel Hotel this month.

For fans of the Oils, who are true Australian rock’n’roll icons, this show is a pulsating, hot and sweaty must see.

When & Where: Petrel Hotel, Geelong – Saturday 18 May.