The Owls

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The Owls

The Owls are a 4 piece rock n roll band who’s sound rings out somewhere within a realm defined by the countrified rock of the Byrds and CCR, the melodic guitar tapestries of Television and the wide open range of Neil Young’s Crazy Horse, as they bring to life the songs of singer/songwriter Sean McMahon.

With a string of independent releases to his name and over a decade of non stop writing, recording and performing, Sean McMahon has honed an undeniably genuine voice as a singer/songwriter. His poetic, melodic songs glisten with lyrical beauty, weaving vivid story telling, confessional narratives and abstract musings through timeless sounds inspired by classic 70’s folk, rock and cosmic country.

The Owls will be playing tunes from Sean’s 2023 album ‘Victoria’ plus a bunch of cherry picked gems from a catalogue spanning 5 albums.