The One for the Otways Album is Here

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The One for the Otways Album is Here

In October last year a team of musicians, businesses and venues teamed up to produce several gigs titled ‘One for the Otways’ under the guidance of Dean Krueger. Krueger, who also performed as his band Salmon Guts on the day, felt he had to give back in such a way.

“Like many of us, Christmas Day 2015 Great Ocean Road Bushfires is a day we all will never forget. Many people lost their homes and the environment around them was devastated,” organiser Dean Krueger says. “A good friend from down the coast approached me to re-form our band and put on a rock show to lift the spirits. There was only one way to do this and that was to make it special and try to give something back to this unique environment and the community. [It’s] a beautiful part of the Otways and is loved by many. When you can’t even recognise the environment around you from such a devastating fire, you know without hesitation something has be done – grass roots and all.”

The gigs took place at Aireys Pub, Martians Cafe and the Lorne Hotel, and as they took place a live recording was made of the performances – with the goal to release a ‘One for the Otways’ album. After months of hard work, the goal has been achieved by Dean, and while it may be a few months later (the goal was to have the album released for Christmas), the support and passion that’s gone into it is unparalleled.

Profits from the album will go back to those affected by the Great Ocean Road Bushfires in 2015 who have struggled since it ripped through the towns.

To release the album, there will be a series of launch gigs throughout the region, taking place at Sea Eyes Gallery in Anglesea, the Great Ocean Road Brewhouse and Martians Cafe in Deans Marsh. The album, which is set for release on March 31, will feature artists Nick Barker ‘The Heartache State’, Jeff Lang, Velvet Bow, Mountain Grey, Salmon Guts , Bancoora’s, Red Whyte and Howlin’ Wind who were involved in the gigs late last year.

As an extra initiative, aside from the knowledge purchasing the album will go back to the community, a native seed will be given to plant back at home(which has been supplied Otway Native Nursery Apollo Bay), as well as the chance to win some great prizes supplied by Maton Guitars, Rip Curl and Urban Finca.

Artists performing at the launch events will be Aussie rock icon Nick Barker & The Heartache State, blues and roots outfit Mountain Grey, rock stalwarts Salmon Guts, flute maestro Howlin’ Wind, The Bancooras, singer/songwriter Red Whyte, local Apollo Bay outfit the Filmore Brothers and young Torquay band De-Porsal.

Tickets are $20 at the door. You can also get the artists to sign a copy of the album while you’re there.

When & Where: Great Ocean Road Brewhouse, Apollo Bay on Saturday, April 1 and Martians Cafe, Deans Marsh on Sunday, April 2.