The Night Vibe #630

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The Night Vibe #630

I hope that whatever way you saw 2015 out in and whichever way you saw fit to bring in the New Year, it was a hoot. You know what the new year means though……NEW MUSIC! It’s likely you’ll already have your own highly anticipated albums of the year and believe me when I say this, this list won’t be featuring any Nicki Minaj or Miley Cyrus. It seems that Australian music in the past few years has turned more commercial; the debatable case in point being 5 Seconds of Summer. However, there is a stack of great local and independent releases that are set to see the light of day in 2016.

First up, after releasing his EP Resolution in 2013, things have become a little bit too quiet in the camp of Matt Corby, yet that is all about to change. In March he is set to release his debut album and having heard Resolution and Brother, God knows how many times on commercial radio and different media facets, to have a new set of songs to get my chops around will be quite lovely. Having had the opportunity to interview Mr Corby many years back after his run on Australian Idol, one gig memory etched into my mind forever is that one time he played at The Nash (oh the good ol’ National Hotel, remember that!) to about 30 people on a Sunday night and from that moment, I knew he was destined for greatness. If ‘Monday’ and ‘Sooth Lady Wine’ is anything to go by, this album is going to be stellar and it wouldn’t be surprising to see it on album of the year lists in December. Think of Matt Corby as a 2016 Tame Impala in terms of success.

On the back of the release of their self titled EP, DMAs are set to release their debut album. Hill’s End is certainly sure to be glittered with lovely little pop gems that are set to rock your socks off. If past performance is an indicator of future performance (which it usually is), upon release it’s set to be nothing but stellar. Influenced by the likes of Oasis and sounding like a sweet English band called Mighty Oaks, DMAs have already set the seed for touring all around the world and having women swooning after them. Chances are though, with a strong debut record, nothing is going to be able to stop them on their quest for global domination.

Although not Australian, with the release date of their ninth studio album imminent, it’s time to get excited. Writing their own version of the James Bond Theme which was released late in 2015, it means Radiohead are back once again and following on the back of The King of Limbs, it will be interesting to see what they throw up for a new record. It will be particularly interesting given the past few releases have been very different from each other. If you look hard enough on the internet you will see there are a few bootlegs of different acoustic versions kicking around, but fingers crossed new music will be with us soon.

There is a stack of different albums surely to find their way into your minds in 2016, but these are three albums that I am very excited for and hopefully within the first quarter of the year. Only time will tell who will release new music and, as always, there is a stack of local bands sweating it out at pubs every weekend and you should be on their side as well. So go down to the pub, buy some drinks and kick back with some local talent. In the Geelong region we are so blessed by the amount of talent, so you should get out their today Forte!
Written by Tex Miller