The new Geelong nightclub that’s sure to attract

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The new Geelong nightclub that’s sure to attract

People of Geelong, get ready to throw on your dancing shoes in the New Year as the unveiling of a new nightclub, Halfway, hits Gheringhap street on January the 13th.

Jarrad Anders, the man behind the mission of transition, who has recently phased out The Max and transformed it into a modernistic pub that is fresh and inspired, The Deck, is taking a risky plunge in preparing a new destination on the Geelong night scene map. Halfway is exactly what its name implies. The middle man between a few drinks at dinner and a late night session on the booze, the club will attract a diverse crowd, appealing to generations of dancers and drinkers in Geelong.

With the closing down of so many crowd favourites in the last 5 years, such as The Basement’s Fake Chow and The Geelong Hotel’s UNO Danceclub, the city is hungry for a place to boogy, sink beers and chill out – and that’s exactly what inspires Anders to succeed. “The general music vibe will be a house lounge, but the DJs we are starting off with are more so techno house. I want a lounge feel, so just good, relaxing music. It won’t be too full on. It’s enough to dance, talk, drink and relax. As the night goes on, the energy will pick up a bit, but it won’t get out of control,” Anders says.

Anders has noted that there isn’t really a venue in Geelong that enables you to do this, so he’s attempting to deliver something different from the rest of the pack. “Some nights, you just want to go out and catch up. You can have a meal here at The Deck and then go on up to Halfway – or you can eat at another restaurant, and make your way here and begin your night. If you want to kick on, you can stick around or you can go to your next nightclub… but at least you have the security of knowing that you can stay here until 1 o’clock in the morning,” Anders says.

Following mass success at The Deck Shepparton, Anders is continuing the same concepts in Geelong, creating a mature venue where dissimilar members of the community can unite and enjoy. “When I say mature, I also want it to be quite casual. I want someone to rock up after they’ve finished work, even if they’re in a T-Shirt and shorts, otherwise, people are more than welcome to come dressed up. It’s not about what you’re wearing, it’s more so about how you act and the atmosphere the crowd will create,” Anders says.

Anders and his team are working hard to pull everything together in a timely fashion as the nightclub is scheduled to open in just 2 weeks. Pending a final decision on a logo designed by our own Forte graphic guru, Riley McDonald, information about Halfway will soon be available on social media. With a halt in digital interactions, word of mouth has played a significant role in promoting the club.

The club will trade every Saturday, from 8pm-1am, with DJs headlining most weeks. “We’ll probably do an 11.30pm lockout for Halfway. The main acts usually start performing at about 10.30pm until 12pm, and then the last hour we’ll have a local DJ playing to fade the night out,” Anders says. “On our first night we’ll have Melbourne DJ Brian Fantana who has done shows at Revolver and Tramp. We are just hoping to open a place that people like.”

Entry to Halfway will be $5, however you can spare this money on opening night to buy a drink (free entry, yay!) Clear your calendars and check this awesome space out! Forte will see you on the dancefloor.

Halfway is located on the second level of The Deck at 2 Gheringhap St, Geelong.

Written by Hannah Kenny