The National Wool Museum covers Anatomy Lessons

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The National Wool Museum covers Anatomy Lessons

Words by Tammy Walters

The 2006 museum of madness film, Night At The Museum, with Ben Stiller captivated audiences when the Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton came to life and trudged through the American Museum of Natural History.

In a similar fashion, the newest exhibition from Geelong’s dedicated texture and fibre gallery, the National Wool Museum will be structured with skeletal sculptures of animals with an aim of offering inquisitive exploration, not just of whether they came to life in the night within the 1872 CJ Dennys & Co Woolstore historic building.

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Titled Anatomy Lessons, this exhibition from Australian artist Michele Beevors is one of intrigue and distinction, set to captivate guests with the meticulously crafted, life-size skeletons accurately portraying the internal makeup of real animals. Beevors dedication to the practice ensured accuracy in the measurement and formation of each animal’s skeleton. From the measurements, to drawing, and onto the moulding of the skeleton structure, which saw Beevors employ materials of steel, wire and foam, the creation of Anatomy Lessons is one of intricacy. The process was completed by delicately knitting over the framework in the flesh and fur colours of the animal to build stimulating displays reflective of the natural world.

Pairing the pieces with their concept designs and drawings, and positioning each sculpture in a staged natural environment, Anatomy Lessons focuses on the contemplative aspect of making and modelling, reflecting on historical practices of collecting whilst also inflicting inquiry of the ongoing conservation challenges faced by all species. The exhibition showcases nature’s creatures large and small including giraffes, frogs, birds, horses, snakes and more allowing viewers to analyse the internal anatomy in a non-invasive way.

This is an incredibly exciting exhibition to make its way into the National Wool Museum with Michele Beevors being renowned in her academic and arts practices. Originally from Australia, Michele Beevors has been practising in New Zealand for the last 20 years. She is Head of Sculpture at Dunedin School of Art, Otago Polytechnic, New Zealand’s oldest, and one of its most prestigious, art schools. Beevors has exhibited in galleries, museums, and exhibition spaces across New Zealand, Australia and Vienna with art that is defiant, unconventional, and moving. Anatomy Lessons encompasses all of these traits.

In addition to the exhibition, Beevors also lead a knitting workshop, teaching the methods of fur stitch and polypropylene knitting. 

Anatomy Lessons will be displayed at the National Wool Museum in a pop-up capacity from Friday 7 June until Sunday 27 October and is the perfect school holiday experience for the whole family.

The National Wool Museum is open daily from 10am – 5pm. Further information on Anatomy Lessons and other exhibitions can be found here.