The Mystery Rooms opens in Geelong with five new immersive escape rooms 

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The Mystery Rooms opens in Geelong with five new immersive escape rooms 

Hailed as the most immersive escape rooms Melbourne has, The Mystery Rooms has opened up a whole new venue in Geelong.

There’s just something so bloody exciting (and maybe terrifying) about being locked in a small, usually creepy room, forced to solve your way out with puzzles and brainteasers. Whether you’re looking to impress on a first date or just looking for something fun to do with your pals or family, escape rooms really can do no wrong.

While the region has plenty of escape scenarios to sink your code-cracking teeth into, in mid-2022 Geelong scored a brand-new escape room venue courtesy of the crew at Melbourne’s The Mystery Rooms.

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Renowned as one of Melbourne’s best and most immersive escape rooms, The Mystery Rooms offers first-timers and experienced players the chance to awaken their senses and ignite those dormant brain cells at both its Collingwood and Fitzroy locations. Unlike traditional Escape Rooms, you are not locked in, but led into the beginning of a mystery that requires solving to delve deeper into the experience. Designed by local film set producers, writers and artists, The Mystery Rooms is all about providing you with a night you will never forget.

With a brilliant atmosphere, creative puzzles that are fun and difficult enough to make it interesting, the crew has made their way to Geelong with a whole new venue in Grovedale – their first new escape room since The Grimm Finale was built in 2018.

Taking over a 1,000m2 warehouse at 10 Essington Street in Grovedale, the venue has been slowly in the works since 2021.

With a solid reputation for making every effort to pay attention to all the little details in each room, the Geelong location is quickly set to become Australia’s largest Escape Room venue! The famed business has since opened five rooms at the regional location – Puddington’s Toy Shop, Jurassic Island, Dragon Magic: CUBE, School of Magic: CUBE and Galaxy Rebellion: CUBE.

Designed for 4-10 players, ‘Puddington’s Toy Shop’ is a 60-minute super family-friendly, magic-inspired room. Dubbed as one of the business’s best so far, it follows the Puddington family, who close their toy shop at 22 Mystery Lane for exactly one hour each day. Though, as regular as clockwork, the family toy shop closed yesterday but has not reopened since. Mystery Lane Police have managed to gain access to the toy shop but the trail of clues has left everyone baffled. Here guests are invited to follow in the footsteps of the Puddington family and find out what is really going on at 22 Mystery Lane!

Another one designed for a bigger group is the Jurassic Island room. Here you’ll follow the storyline of being on an remote island there was a plan to create the ultimate dinosaur experience only things took a turn for the worse. You have 60 minutes to prevent a dinosaur disaster!

With a massive focus on entertaining large groups and families, the venue has also relocated two of their smaller CUBE games from its Collingwood venue to support demand for 2-3 player shorter games.

The first is ‘School of Magic’. Designed for 2-3 players, this 45-minute room will see participants entering the School of Magic office and use their powers to unlock their way through the layers of spells and protection guarding its secrets!

There’s also ‘Dragon Magic’ which is an intermediate room designed for 2-3 players. With a 45 minute time limit, the game surrounds an evil sorcerer who enslaved the whole of Moscow, keeping them under his control through the mysterious source of his power; the Dark Tower. The game description reads: “Your train is stopped in Moscow, and your task is simple – find the sorcerer’s Dark Tower and destroy his rule over the city. But don’t be fooled, there are other magical powers at play here. Make sure you leave enough time to escape…”

Lastly there’s the Galaxy Rebellion cube, ideal for 2-4 players. This one’s new so we don’t have heaps of info but the description reads ‘Venture into outer space and take control of both your spaceship and your destiny.’

The games have been designed to take you on an imaginative journey – you might even forget you’re in Geelong. And these ones aren’t horror so they’re perfect for birthday groups from the age of 10 upwards, great for families, and friends and an ideal solution for those looking for a fun and rewarding corporate team event.

There’s a range of dates and times available and pricing depends on how many players you have. The more players you have, the cheaper the price, but there are also family packs available.

Another great thing about this new venue is that it celebrates participation with Escape Room Membership and Rewards Points. You’ll get points for playing the current selection of escape room games (10 in total), for solving online puzzles (coming soon) and even more for sharing them with your friends! As you engage in more activities with The Mystery Rooms, you will earn reward points and when you reach enough you will be automatically promoted to a higher level of membership.

If the Melbourne venues are anything to go by, you can bet these escape rooms will be next level.

Check out the website here and find The Mystery Rooms at 10 Essington Street in Grovedale.