The Milk Bar exploring nostalgia is coming to Hamilton

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The Milk Bar exploring nostalgia is coming to Hamilton

The Hamilton Gallery has been known for its wild, exciting and often educational collections throughout the years and this August and September will prove no different.
Running from Wednesday 15th of August through til Sunday 16th September is multi-faceted artist and designer, Callum Preston’s ‘MILK BAR.’
Preston has been a vibrant part of the Melbourne street art scene since 2002 and held his first solo exhibition in 2015, receiving excellent reception.
Exploring nostalgia and the changing ways of shopping and commodification, Preston’s newest exhibition showcases a recreation of his own childhood completely by hand, one store item essential at a time; from chip packets to chocolate bars to your favourite edition of Vogue Magazine. Preston describes the exhibit as a “lo-fi recreation plumbed from the depths of memory and feeling.”
Located at 107 Brown Street, Hamilton Victoria, the Hamilton gallery is the ideal daytrip destination for young and old and accompanied with free entry, MILK BAR is a show not to be missed.
Written by Aine Keogh