The Melbourne Underground Film Festival returns for its 19th year

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The Melbourne Underground Film Festival returns for its 19th year

Celebrating Australian Cinema, the Melbourne Underground Film Festival (MUFF) is a cutting edge premiere showcase that aims to support and promote Australian and International features to an Australian audience, with many of these films showing to audiences for the very first time.
Known for its radical, adventurous and iconoclastic programming decisions, along for its support for different voices in Independent and Underground film and video practitioners worldwide, the festival now returns for its 19th year.
Running over one week, the festival showcases around 100 new, wild, thrilling, notorious and controversial works each year, plus an exciting array of documentaries and curated retrospectives in certain Melbourne venues.
This year MUFF is guided by the theme ‘Mad, Bad & Dangerous to know’ and features films by Bruce LaBruce, Mark Savage, Lauren Southern, Steve Bannon, Mike Retter, Terry McMahon and more. With 2500 entires alone this year, you know that you’ll be presented with the very best.
Opening night is sure to please with Mark Savage’s searing thriller Purgatory Road on Friday October 26. Set against the grim backdrop of Louisiana, this bloody tale of absolution and fallen Christdom is not to be missed. The film festival will close with a double night, featuring LGBT film-maker Bruce LaBruce’s Ulrike’s Brain, as well as Mike Retter’s Youth on the March, and there will also be the “Mini MUFF” which are a series of short films across the festival.
With an array of films throughout across a variety of genres including comedies, dramas, thrillers and documentaries, there is sure to be something for everyone.
The festival runs from Friday October 26 to Friday November 2.
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