The Melbourne Guitar Show 2019

The Melbourne Guitar Show 2019

If guitars aren’t your thing then thank your lucky stars you weren’t at the Caufield Racecourse last weekend as thousands of twangers, noodlers and riffers joined stars from here and overseas to pay tribute to the go-to instrument for any budding muso.

And those that turned up that didn’t know a machine head from a whammy bar soon learned.

The Melbourne Guitar Show has become a popular event that not only showcases some of the great guitarists from across the globe, but also gives newbies a chance to test out and learn about new guitars, amps, effects and everything in between. The format was intelligent and well thought out; See, try and buy was the motto and that’s what many people did. Amps in all their glory, effects that made a guitar sound anything from an orchestra to an Iron Maiden concert and demonstrations from some terrific players.

There were acoustic guitars, electric and a few in-between, along with some unique pieces for fans to view and play. Test driving effects is always fun, and limited only by your imagination. If you wanted to be Clapton you could, but if your tastes were more Pena Paco then you were catered for too.

There was the Ibanez Masterclass, Sydney band Rackett smashing out tunes, some beautiful guitars from Wildwood, the injector himself Diesel, out of this world Ormsby Guitars that looked like something from Back To The Future, my old mate Sarah McLeod from the Superjesus and a TON more.

My favourite – well, it’s hard to go past a Fender. Any Fender really but anything candy apple red did nicely. That twang, that sinewy sound that made players like JJ Cale and Mark Knopfler sound so original and unique was a joy to see, and of course hear.

In all a well-planned, well laid-out and well-attended guitar festival that surely has now inspired a thousand new pickers to grab a guitar and make it sing.

August 3-4
Caufield Racecourse, Melbourne
Reviewed by Chris Michaels
Photo sourced from MGS Facebook, captured by Jason Rosewarne