The Marvellous Hearts release debut single ‘Love is Great’

The Marvellous Hearts release debut single ‘Love is Great’

Words by John 'Dr John' Lamp

Lined with messages of love and hope.

It used to be badge of ageing to say that you were there in the sixties, but now it’s becoming a gold star of survival.

This new single from The Marvellous Hearts is the first in ages to really bring back some memories from the era of dope and hope. It’s a very polished and well produced track, which is a real achievement considering it’s their first.

That becomes easier to believe when you add in that we’re talking about Captain Bluetongue (CD Lyons) from The Blues Preachers from Sydney. He has performed at festivals all over Australia, including Byron Bay Bluesfest, the Woodford Folk Festival, the Blue Mountains Music Festival and the Gympie Muster, and found he had a bunch of songs that felt like they needed a new home and so the Marvellous Hearts were born.

Marvellous Hearts includes George Rigatos on lead guitar, Hutch on drums, Danny Tsun on keys, and Katherine Vavahea on backing vocals, all established musicians in their own right.

Love is Great is the lead single of their debut self-titled EP, and reflects the band’s philosophy.

“The only thing you can do is fight hate with love,” says the Captain. “Realise we’re all different and that’s what makes the world a special place.”

Definitely a sixties philosophy and a definitely needed message yet again.

You can purchase the single here.

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