The Many Tricks of Rhys Crimmin

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The Many Tricks of Rhys Crimmin

As the age of 17, Rhys Crimmin took out second place in the Australian Busking Competition (2003). It was a massive way to kick-start a career that continues to go from strength to strength. The magic happens in a live setting, where you will find Rhys surrounded by instruments, his arsenal including four different styles of guitars (including 6- and 12-string acoustics, Resonator and Weissenborn lap steel), along with didgeridoos, harmonicas, kazoo and foot percussion. Name an Aussie festival and he has probably played it – Port Fairy Folk Festival, Queenscliff Music Festival, Apollo Bay Music Festival, Australian Blues Music Festival Goulburn, Folk Rhythm and Life Festival and the Maldon Folk Festival, among many others. The Loft, Warrnambool – July 27.