The Mane Event: the massive two-day festival raising funds and awareness for mental health support

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The Mane Event: the massive two-day festival raising funds and awareness for mental health support

All over the world studies have shown the positive impact of music in combating depression. While the Mane Event certainly helps with this immediate effect, it’s much more about the long term. Over the two days and with more than 35 bands, the event is raising funds for mental health services around Geelong. It’s also about raising awareness for suicide prevention and mental health.

As for the catalyst for the event, it came from organisers Jon Gilchrist and Tristan Gall’s own experiences.

“Myself and Tristan (the other creator of the event) have personally suffered from depression and anxiety. The true catalyst, however, was Tristan’s suicide attempt, and the lack of medical support before and after his attempt. We wanted to tell our stories and put a spotlight on mental health to give those people that were suffering in silence the strength to speak out, while the hospital system catches up,” Jon told Forte in 2014.

As a result of putting on the event, it’s opened up the discussion amongst locals while helping to raise thousands of dollars to further help the cause on a professional level.

It’s also enabled a wealth of younger bands perform on stage in front of massive crowds at such a well-respected venue as the Barwon Club, of which there’ll be a few more of at this year’s event.

The Mane Event is a highlight on the Geelong event calendar, particularly for bringing together the community, accompanied by great music and an even greater cause.

The Line Up

Saturday 8th October

The Vaudeville Smash / Deep Street Soul / Nick Barker & the Heartache State / Jr Reyne & band / Busy Kingdom / Dead City Lights / Famous Will / Dr. Tom Stevenson & the PHDs / Dirty Jack / The Run / Dec Mckinnon and the Knockabouts / Tim Hulsman Trio / Tundrel / Tom Walker & his band of Sick Individuals / Shirko / John Stephenson / Kye Keating / Steve Thew / Nathan Ross / Kavita / Petrack / Jane Shearer / Dean Cockrell / Isabella Khalife / Lani Schwaiger / Dylan Bunnie / Victoria Faith / Mae Udarbe / Stevie Burr / Joni Gardner / Runs with Scissors / Infernal Bliss

Sunday 9th October

The Black Sorrows / Chris Russell’s Chicken Walk / Lloyd Spiegel / The Kite Machine / Chris Wilson & Sarah Carroll / Rach Brennan / Alister Turril

It all goes down at Barwon Club Hotel in South Geelong on October 8 & 9. Tickets are available from their website.