The long-awaited album from Timothy Wolf is all about celebrating the people around you

The long-awaited album from Timothy Wolf is all about celebrating the people around you

Words by Alice McDonald

After drip feeding us with singles all year, this album gives us everything we were promised

Timothy Wolf’s self-titled release is an intelligent reflection on influences of blues and folk from yesteryear. This record pays homage to the music we know and love as Wolf puts his own spin on folk, country, alternative rock, soul and blues motifs.

I absolutely adored the single releases prior to the big album launch with ‘Boogie’ being the perfect dive into the presence Wolf has and the fantastic playing of his band.

Wolf never shies away from bold instrumentation, with brass so funky you need to get up and boogie. The influences that inspired this release are crystal clear and are treated in a respectful manner. Clearly all ingrained into Wolf, each track is reminiscent of an Aussie childhood surrounded by rock, country and blues.

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With plenty of sold out shows, I was concerned Wolf’s huge stage presence wouldn’t translate into this album – but it most certainly did. With vocal standouts being on the tracks ‘Down’ and the stunning gospel number ‘In your arms again.’

Wolf’s decision to breakaway from the bromance duo of Wolf and Willow was so bold but so bloody exciting. In amidst the storm that is COVID-19, Wolf highlights the loving power of human connection. With ‘Foreign Throne (No king, nor queen, nor country)’ feeling like the ultimate power jam sesh where everything just feels right and in the pocket.

The album starts with a grooving bang then mellows out about halfway through. It’s almost describing the arc of being at a good gig – with ‘Boogie’ getting you going and then ‘Home’ giving you that grateful pause to reflect on your experience. This is the kind of album that perfectly translates to a live setting without losing any spark.

Wolf just gives off such a wholesome energy with one the purest and richest vocal tones I’ve heard recently. As said before, his voice alongside the perfect choice of instrumentation is nothing but bold. This journey of great melodic and harmonic motifs intertwined with reflective and careful storytelling is the glue that holds this album together. This album release also comes along with a nostalgic video to ‘Life is Better’ that truly warms your heart as we see the growth of Wolf over his performance career. It desperately makes me miss live shows.


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Some tracks feel a bit lost in the sense that they tend to drop in energy towards the end but of course, once again, Wolf is a ball of energy live so I think we can forgive him on that one.

Ultimately, this debut solo album release is a fantastic overview of the roots of the genres we know and love so much. Wolf has a musical intelligence that I seriously admire and an ability to hone that into the best of his abilities.

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