The Lonesomes: Paranoia Destroyer

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The Lonesomes: Paranoia Destroyer

Queensland rockers The Lonesomes have just put out their debut EP Paranoia Destroyer – four tracks of low-tone guitar riff-age, gravely vocals and an amped up pace.

‘Three Stripes’ kicks off with a ‘yeow’ and a big fuzzed guitar riff that demands you turn your headphones up to appreciate it. Singer/drummer Matt Callan’s voice has a super gravely texture to it as he shouts about Adidas wearing kids on the train he never wants to be like. It’s a heavy and cool sound, but even thinking about yelling like that makes me want a glass of water.

‘Pump up Hysteria’ is up next, a hyped up, heavy version of party rock that makes you want to find a way to head-bang and boogie at the same time. It reminds me of early DZ Deathray’s stuff, but with a bit of a tougher edge to it.

Speaking of Queensland influences, ‘Cobwebs’ has echoes of Violent Soho’s early music, too. It’s no direct copy though, it has a big body swaying riff through it, and the vocal effects have a cool, woozy feel to it when Callan sings a little clearer. Awesome drum fills too.

The final track, ‘Bonnie’, is my favourite of the four. The verse has this catchy riff that guides you along, combined with the little chant at the start of the chorus it almost makes it sound like an older, more classic rock sound except played through a car muffler or something. The base is deep and driving, and it explodes into a really cool guitar section at the end, too.

Paranoia Destroyer is a rad debut from The Lonesomes; heavy rock that’s twisted by some well-placed effects for an unhinged and raw sound that you know would go off in a live setting.

Written by Liam Mcnally