The local comedian bringing laughter to the people

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The local comedian bringing laughter to the people

Local comedian Tait Middleton is helping to create a thriving comedy scene in rural Victoria. After holding several shows in pubs and venues across the Geelong region, Tait is heading back to Aireys Inlet Pub on October 15 – the location of one of his most fruitful turnouts. As he sees it, comedy will always peak people’s interest. “People love train wrecks, but people also receive it well,” he says.

Tait’s content is self-described as “a bit rude”, though he says most crowds receive it well and there was a time when after a show a priest came up to him to praise his set, and left Tait dumbfounded. He didn’t think his content would appeal to that crowd, saying he’d rather his family didn’t watch him live. Ever. He also says to never date a comic, as he jests, they’re all “unhinged” and there’s a high chance you’ll end up as good material for a show. “Things to happen to comics, because I can think of myself; we’ll just see what happens here, ride it out,” he says of show material.

Regardless of rude content or talking of those close to him, Tait has done well in bringing comedy to people in regional areas rather than losing local comedians to the Melbourne venues. Through his quest, it’s seen him bring shows to the Sphinx, the Max Hotel, Beavs Bar, Courthouse Café, The Piping Hot Chicken Shop, The Torquay Hotel, and even as far as Warrnambool.

Tait fell in love with comedy when he first performed at the RAW Comedy heats in Geelong in 2014, and has since fuelled his passion. That and it’s awfully great to hear people laugh at your jokes. “[Sometimes] I don’t know why I put myself through it to be honest,” he says before continuing. “ I get nervous as fuck and if I don’t go well I get pretty pissed off… But when it goes well, it’s like, fuckin’ yes!”

As for the comedy scene in Geelong, which Tait has helped create, he reflects that in 2012 there was nothing. Now he sees more and more comedy nights, but still hopes for more weekly events rather than the monthly occurrences. “There’s potential I reckon, because it’s still novel… if comedy nights are advertised well, I think more people will come,” he says.

The hope is to one day have something like Comedy Club in Melbourne; a designated place for stand up, and to then get some Melbourne comics down here. Melbourne’s comedy festival is well known as it’s the third largest in the world. Tait says it’s where everyone goes to get good at comedy. “There’s a stigma around the Melbourne comics, they’re all superstars and stuff like that, because that’s where everyone goes to get good as they can do it more and more shows.”

Having recently seen a bunch of shows at Fringe Festival in Scotland, he says “you have to see comedy live for sure, nothing is better”. And that’s exactly why you should head to the next regional comedy gig at Aireys Inlet Pub.

Written by Melissa Davis

When & Where: Aireys Inlet Pub, Aireys Inlet – October 15