The Living Eyes

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The Living Eyes

Garage Rock is a genre that has steadily increased over the last few years to become one of the most prominent styles produced by local bands. It’s also a sound that The Living Eyes have been deservingly gaining attention for since their inception in 2011.

Now returning with their third full-length record Modern Living, the Geelong based lads have proved yet again why they are at the forefront of the local scene.

According to the groups’ lead vocalist Billy Gardner, Modern Living highlights a more aggressive sound for the band. “[I’d say] Modern Living is a bit less melodic and more guitar based than our previous releases,” he explains.

“I don’t think there was anything really specific we were aiming for with this release, just some rockin’ songs. I feel good about it. [We are] happy to have it finished, that’s for sure. [We’re also] super stoked on Paris’ artwork and stoked that’s it’s coming out on some cool labels.”

With the album’s first single ‘Horseplay’ quickly becoming a fan favourite, Gardner explained his lyricism, which he has previously said holds little lyrical meaning, in reference to the song.

“Sometimes I am lazy in that department – but some other [songs] have plenty of meaning. It’s all over the shop,” he laughs before continuing, “some of my favourite songs have the dumbest lyrics.”

Embracing a rich DIY ethic, Modern Living utilises Paris Richens’ of Parsnips incredible artwork for the album’s cover, as well as having the album recorded by Stu Mackenzie of King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard.

“It was recorded by Stu at the Flightless Space in Brunswick. It’s great in there – they’ve really set it up well,” he says. “We did a couple quick overdubs there but the majority of dubs were done at home in Geelong. Then Mikey mixed it, we caught the ferry over to his place in Rye and spent a day touching up his mixes round this time last year.”

Touching on the effect Gizzard have had on the local scene, Gardner responds, “It’s getting better lately. King Gizzard have done good stuff for the music scene – they’ve made guitar music cool again. It’s great! A few years ago Geelong really struggled with gigs but now I’m always seeing new faces at shows.”

With Modern Living quick to score the album of the week on Melbourne’s PBS, it’s fair to say The Living Eyes will be seeing even more new faces at shows.

Taking no time to settle down and relax, The Living Eyes have already announced a stack of gigs for late this year and early next year, including their recent gig at this years Purple Weekend Festival in Spain alongside friends in The Frowning Clouds.

Release: Modern Living is out now on Anti-Fade Records.

Written by Alex Callan