The Living Eyes: LIVING LARGE

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The Living Eyes: LIVING LARGE

There’s a lot of people out there trying to make the garage-punk-rock genre work for them, but there are few who get it quite as right as Geelong band The Living Eyes do. Living Large is the sophomore release from the four-piece and if there’s anything we know about sophomores it’s when shit gets serious.
‘Eat It Up’ is a highlight on the release, with a fitting guitar riff in the perfect spot. The vocals aren’t perfect, there’s a raspy pitchiness to the song but that’s what slots these guys into the garage-punk genre so well.
The fast pace is maintained throughout the album, so if you’re looking for an easy listen – this isn’t it. But easy often means it isn’t all that good, a good album should be one that grabs your full attention and that’s what Living Large does.
For those after the noisy, messy traditional sounds of garage rock, flick to ‘Guilty Pleasures’ and you’ll find what you’re after. While ‘Eat It Up’ is a favourite of mine it’s worth giving ‘Dry Spell’ a mention as well as a contender for the highlight of the album.
Ultimately this is the kind of album that is best listened through from start to finish, letting the noise take over and begin to jangle in your mind. The Living Eyes is a great band to listen to for anyone who can’t seem to find the right kind of garage-rock to scratch their itch.
Out now via Flightless
Written by Amanda Sherring