The Light of Day

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The Light of Day

As you fine readers may have stumbled across last issue, Ocean Grove is set to host the local leg of a worldwide charity concert next month – the first version to take place in Australia. The Light of Day charity concert is staged in aid of Australian and US Parkinson’s charities. Its origins begin in 1998 when artist manager and music industry veteran Bob Benjamin set out to celebrate his 40th birthday. At the time recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s, Bob asked for donations to be made to the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation in lieu of birthday gifts. Supported by friends and family, including concert promoter Tony Pallagrosi and musician Joe D’Urso, the Light of Day charity was formed, its name taken from the Springsteen song. Since its inception in 2000, more than two million dollars has been raised. Local performing artists include Marshall Okell, Chris Wilson, Rebecca Barnard, Nick Barker, Jackie Marshall, Tim Neal, Sarah Carroll, Sweet Felicia and the Bash Big Band. Marshall Okell was christened Marshall Dawson Okell; the ‘Marshall’ coming from Hendrix’s middle name, while the ‘Dawson’ was lent from Johnny Winters. Basically his musical path began at the moment of his birth, a journey that has been littered with many bands, most notably Marshall & The Fro. His latest release is 2013’s Birdy EP. The Piping Hot Chicken Shop – July 19.