The legend of Bon Scott

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The legend of Bon Scott

If you’re after a window into rock from another era, look no further.
AC/DC are renowned as the biggest and best guitar based band in the world, very few are capable of recreating that certain sonic power and the late Bon Scott, frontman and lyricist of the band from 1974 until his death in 1980, is and always will be held in many hearts as a music legend.
Fronting a group that played everywhere and anywhere in Australia as well as touring Europe and the US, AC/DC gained cult status as one of the best new hard rock bands on the planet.
Their 1979 album Highway to Hell reached the top 20 in the United States, and the band seemed on the verge of a commercial breakthrough. However, on 19 February 1980, Scott died after a night out in London.
In honour of Scott, troubadour Carus Thompson’s track “Crash Land” is a song about the Aussie Rock legend, inspired by a story told to him by his drummer Howie Johnstone.
Howie stayed with Bon Scott in Adelaide on a trip to the East Coast of Australia in 1974 travelling with Bon’s cousin. This was around the time of Bon’s infamous near fatal motorbike accident.
Howie is an OZ rock legend himself, having playing in seminal OZ punk pub-rock band Dave Warner’s From The Suburbs.
This is Howie telling the story of “Crash Land” in his own words over a beer at the iconic Buffalo Club in the west end of Fremantle, Bon’s home town.
Check the video here.

If you’re a fan of Carus, he’ll be celebrating the release of his track ‘Starved Myself Pretty’ by setting out across the country to play songs from his lauded album ‘Island’ for the third and final time before breaking to write album seven.
Punters will be able to catch Carus Thompson in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Fremantle, Margaret River and Adelaide through March and April.
Wesley Anne, Melbourne – March 16.