The Laurels: Sonicology

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The Laurels: Sonicology

It’s been four years since The Laurels have released new work and their much anticipated LP definitely pays tribute to its name Sonicology.

It looks like four years was enough time for their creative dynamite to explode with first track ‘Reentry’ catapulting their listeners senses with layers of unrelenting sounds. ‘Some Other Time’ and ‘Frequensator’ have threads of 90’s sci-fi, with the latter giving a moody thrill of just not giving a fuck.

The LP takes a turn with ‘Hit and Miss’ nodding to heavier rock sounds with a 60’s funk, proving that the band have defied any genre or label they were desperately seeking to shed. It’s a metamorphosis of sound, resulting in a kaleidoscope of science, philosophy and art all blurred into one.

Personal stand out track is Mecca which is definitely inspired by 90’s hip hop, heavy but with a pace that pulls you through.

3.9 out of 5
Reviewed by Anna Whiskers