The Kite String Tangle has delivered the goods with C()D3X

The Kite String Tangle has delivered the goods with C()D3X

My expectations were high for The Kite String Tangle’s high-anticipated second album C()D3X and I can now confirm the electronic artist has well and truly delivered the goods.

The Kite String Tangle’s (aka Danny Harley) ethereal voice is back and this time, there’s something new. Throughout the past three years, Harley has been travelling around and experimenting with his sound which has resulted in plenty of dance and underground grunge vibes throughout the new album.

In fact, the album almost feels like its divided into two parts. The first five songs showcase his shift to a harder, darker, more electronic sound. Whereas the second half resembles the artist we’ve come to know and love; with a more upbeat sound and whispers of Rufus de Sol seeping through.

I’m all for electronic music, but where I feel Harley really shines is in his collaborations. Killing Time featuring Eliot combines two powerhouse voices which send goosebumps all over you throughout the tracks entirety. Landslide featuring Kateboy is going straight into all my playlists as I simply can’t get enough of this lustful track. And finally, his collaboration with Lanks for I.S.T.A.U is an absolute dream and makes for a climatic album finish.

The secret weapon of C()D3X is Iris. The funky almost-pop song has you grooving along from its opening beat.

All the album’s tracks have elements of each other weaved through which gives a sense of one long passage of music rather that 11 individual songs.

I can’t wait to see Harley perform C()D3X live. He always has a captivating show from start to finish and this album is simply mesmerising which will translate well onstage.

Reviewed by Kim Price