The Kite Machine

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The Kite Machine

Geelong locals The Kite Machine have just dropped with their new single, ‘Charlotte’. Following the release will be a short East coast tour of Australia that will garner new fans and give the band some road experience to take into the studio later in the year.

“Basically the idea was to get more of a following,” was singer Levi Anderson’s response to the question of why the whistle stop tour. “We thought we’d like to branch out of Geelong to Melbourne and Sydney. We’re based in Victoria but I grew up in Sydney and have a few friends there.”

Anderson, along with drummer Kane Sherriff and bassist Liam Brennan have garnered quite a local following with their brand of funk rock. And their gig at the Workers Club on June 17th will be no different. “The Geelong show will be a big one. There’ll be plenty of effort put into the show.”

And what can the fans expect? “We’ve got a few new songs, and some new jams,” Anderson admits straight off the bat.

The band are working hard to establish themselves musically, and to break free of the daily grind of having to work odd jobs just to support their music careers.

“We all have jobs. We’re close [to making music for a living]. I do cover gigs on the weekend to support this. We’re all musically involved in some way. We’ve always been able to pull a crowd. Our music sounds a bit different to others.”

While the band still likes to make CDs, (remember CDs), they know that making music in 2016 is like visiting a new, slightly strange frontier. The majority of music now is internet based. Our main thing is YouTube, iTunes. These days those things are more important than getting CDs done. But we do still try to keep it half and half. New singles go onto iTunes.”

The lads are currently half way through writing and recording their debut album. “As soon as the tour is finished it will be back to writing mode.” By early next year music lovers of Geelong and the world will be able to get their hands on a copy.

Until then, if you’re into some seriously good music and like a night out then keep your eyes peeled for the up-coming tour dates across Melbourne, Geelong and Sydney, and catch a fine band playing some seriously funky tunes.

Written by Chris Michaels

When & Where: Penny Black, Melbourne, June 10 & The Workers Club, Geelong – June 17