The Karova’s Big Day

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The Karova’s Big Day

The Karova in Ballarat is one of the best regional live music venues you’re likely to come across and just around the corner it celebrates a milestone. We’re talking its 10th anniversary. Yep, ten years of hosting international and local acts. Ten years of supporting backyard artists. Ten years of quenching the musical thirst of locals and travellers. It’s one hell of an effort indeed and most certainly worthy of a get-together. And showing just how cool they are, the venue is making it a family affair. Headlining the soiree will be the Yacht Club DJs. If there is anyone to entrust to start a party it would be this pair. Better still, the maestros of the mash-up have a date with Splendour so this will serve as the perfect warm-up. Not any old occasion could get Neon Love to reform, but sure enough this occasion has – such is the power of The Karova. Also performing will be Them 9’s, Bel Air and DJ Salinger. Lastly, keep an eye out for a special Karova scrapbook featuring photos and messages from staff, punters and touring acts that have played at the venue which is due for release in August. The Karova, Ballarat – July 19. You won’t want to miss out on this one.