The Juicy Bar is the perfect blend of freshness

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The Juicy Bar is the perfect blend of freshness

Words by Chloe Cicero

Geelong finally has a delicious and fresh juice bar again, all hail!

Now, while the Acai bowl is definitely the bar’s top seller, there is a wide range of delicious options to choose from. And if you ask the team, they would have to say what they are most proud of is the health aspects of all of their products.  

All of the juices and smoothies are made to order, with fresh fruit and vegetables – and to make it all better, there is no added sugar or preservatives.  

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So you can guarantee that what you are getting is pure vitamins and nutrients.

The team at The Juicy Bar wanted to be part of something new and exciting and fresh. Opening a juice bar aligns with their current health and wellness trends, and will have a positive community impact, and who doesn’t love being part of the community and like the idea of building a village of people that can all connect and feel part of something. With a focus on quality fruit and vegetables and a personal customer experience, There’s an increasing awareness and demand for healthy food and beverage options and we love that we are making that accessible. Consumers are becoming more health-conscious, seeking out fresh, natural, and nutritious products.

The vibe of their juice bar reflects the values of health, wellness, and sustainability, creating an inviting, fun and energizing atmosphere for customers. 

Trying to source the majority of their ingredients locally, with a focus on supporting small businesses, is something this team is quite passionate about. They are also always looking to support local schools by offering a canteen lunch menu that parents can be confident that their kids are not only getting a lunch that tastes good but is also good for them.

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WHERE: Shop 6/112 Pakington Street, Geelong West 

OPEN: 7 Days, 8:30am – 4pm.