The Jezabels: The Brink

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The Jezabels: The Brink

The Jezabels are back with their second full-length album. Yay! Following on their debut Prisoner, The Brink follows on with the classic sound that the band has created throughout their career thus far. Opening with the title track, the guitar drones, the drums thunder and Hayley sings ‘I never found someone’. Initially this lyric in the context of the song had me confused; after a few more listens, it makes sense.
The sound of the record is fresh and inviting, and where the first album was bringing a lot more electronica sounds and influences to the mix, on The Brink these seemed to be refined a lot to polish the indie rock sound. First single, ‘Look of Love’, bops along with a synth line that makes you wanna head straight for the mosh pit. The band is back in the country playing for Laneway Festival, and no doubt will be back for a headline tour later in the year.
‘The End’ is another highlight on this record and draws comparisons to the band’s big hit ‘Mace Spray’. Although the album isn’t inviting any outlandishly new sounds to the songs, it’s drawing on what won them the Australian Music Prize for Prisoner.
It’s indie pop rock songwriting at its best – and just in time for the end of summer.
Written by Tex Miller