The Incoming Tide

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The Incoming Tide

Driven by the likes of Justin Sullivan (New Model Army), Mike Scott (The Waterboys), Peter Perrett (The Only Ones) and Kate Bush, Phil Dean formed Zeptepi in 2001 after being convicted of stealing a loaf of bread in his motherland and sent to Australia.
Details there may be sketchy, but form Zeptepi he did. Recordings surfaced as early as 2002, before the band played their first show in late 2004. As can be the case, Dean began writing songs that didn’t fit the mould of Zeptep’s high energy foot-stomping folk-rock, but rather than shelf the ideas he started a new project, The Gathering Tide. From a recent UK show review: “Some of you may remember Phil Dean from when he performed here in 2013 with his band Zeptepi.
This time he was playing solo, but if anything he was all the better for it. His new songs really allow a powerful voice to be heard at its best, and his lyrics – sometimes dark and brutally honest – are offset by a cheerful and endearing onstage persona. Reminiscent at times of Justin Sullivan, the legendary New Model Army frontman, it never ceases to surprise how a solo performer can sometimes fill a room with their energy and sound.” Babushka, Ballarat – October 23.