The Impressive Griswolds

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The Impressive Griswolds

When you come across a band who describes themself as “tequila-inspired party pop”, you just have to give them a listen. Then have a drink … then another drink. Sydney outfit The Griswolds is that band in question. The band is on a tequila-soaked high on the back of the release of Be Impressive, their debut album. And impressive is just what they’ve been. With an ever-growing fan base, the little band that could packed their bags and headed for L.A. at the beginning of the year where they hooked up with producer Tony Hoffer (Beck, Foster the People, M83). Not bad for a band that was started when vocalist and guitarist Christopher Whitehall challenged “sometime drinking buddy” Daniel Duque-Perez (guitar, synth) to write a riff on the spot while at a house party. The full story about the band’s road to glory can be found through their Facebook page. As for their intentions, Chris says: “We’re pretty chilled, relaxed guys, but we take making music seriously. Because the more people we get to play to around the world, the more we want to keep touring … and keep partying with people who like our music.” The Karova, Ballarat – September 26.