The History of British Rock

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The History of British Rock

The Album Show, in conjunction with Ben Maiorana Entertainment, bring you a stunning 2 hour showcase of the “The History of British Rock – The Sixties and Seventies”.

The importance of British Rock through the 60’s and 70’s cannot be overstated. The British invasion changed the pop landscape in the early 60’s, and British Rock through this era can easily be seen as some of the most important music of the rock generation. The British blues revolution took the genre’s music back to Americans in the mid 60’s; the iconic seeds of heavy rock delivered a massive stylistic shift in the late 60’s, and glam, punk, and pure rock and roll consistently led the charge through the 70’s.

Featuring a live band of some of the most accomplished musicians from across the country, The History of British Rock – The 60’s & 70’s pays tribute to a full suite of celebrated British artists, including The Beatles, Queen, The Hollies, T-Rex, The Rolling Stones, and The Police. With a full visual accompaniment, the show promises to be a memorable night filled with more iconic songs than you can imagine – from a time in music that will remain pivotal from both a creative and social perspective.