The Growlers: Natural Affair

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The Growlers: Natural Affair

Since their 2009 debut, ‘Are You In Or Out’, The Growlers have consistently supplied ultra groovy, mega chill, über uplifting, downright cool tunes. Their latest LP, ‘Natural Affair’ continues the trend and to be honest, it’s starting to become annoying. At this point, the proud DIY group from Los Angeles don’t even have to try. Like the album title, their affair with being cool is so natural and effortless it makes everyone else look ridiculous. Their music is so uplifting even with the melancholic undertones, however, that you can’t stay mad for long; you just have to bask in The Growlers sunshine and start to build a gradual tan from their radiating good vibes.

‘Natural Affair’ plays into their Pacific Coast environment with playful melodies, cheeky key chords, 80’s synths and discotheque bass grooves (particularly on ‘Social Man’), 60’s surf rock, psychedelic sweeps, toe-tapping rhythms, and Brooks Nielsen raw, inspired vocals.

‘Coinstar’ has an Arctic Monkeys, circa Humbug era, feel while ‘Die and Live Forever’ nods to their 2016 album ‘City Club’ producers’ band, The Strokes. Their most recent single ‘Pulp of Youth’ extends on their already colourful sonic palette and ‘Foghorn Town’ encompasses everything the band has done well to date in a culmination of flavourful melodic goodness.

The Growlers continue to shine on the goth beach they’ve created.

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Reviewed by Tammy Walters