The government’s Power Saving Bonus is back so you can knock $250 off your electricity bill

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The government’s Power Saving Bonus is back so you can knock $250 off your electricity bill

In a year when prices have gone haywire, we could all use some extra cash.

No one likes bill day. Beans on toast for dinner, awkward financial calculations with the roommates, considering a money-saving switch to candlelight… It’s a monthly annoyance that none of us can avoid.

Thankfully, starting on March 24, a new round of the ever-popular Power Saving Bonus will begin, meaning Victorians are invited to apply for a $250 rebate on their energy bills. Fill out a short, five to ten minute survey, and boom – you could be a little richer.

Power Saving Bonus

  • The Victorian government is giving a $250 energy rebate to households
  • The newest round of funding is starting on March 24
  • The application process is a simple online form that can be filled out in under ten minutes

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The Andrews government initiative first launched last July and has since provided a boost of funding to more than 1.7 million households across the state. Even those who received the payout in the previous round are able apply again.

The application is pretty straightforward: upload a copy of your bill, fill out your energy profile, add some proof of ID, and you’re good to go. The form also walks you through the energy deal that are currently available, helping you potentially cut down on costs.

“Big power companies rely on people not having the time, information or knowledge to save money. But we know better deals are out there – and we’re helping Victorian families find them,” says Minister for Energy and Resources Lily D’Ambrosio.

The updated rebate program is part of a government initiative to reduce drive down energy prices and make a move towards more sustainable, renewable options.

“We know Victorians are doing it tough with the rising cost of energy – that’s why we’ll have a new round of the $250 Power Saving Bonus, putting money in families’ pockets and making sure they’re on the best deal,” says Victorian Premier Dan Andrews.

Applications for the payment can be made through the Victorian Energy Compare website, which gives customers access to the best energy offers in their areas – potentially saving hundreds of dollars.

Households needing help to apply can call the Victorian Energy Compare helpline on 1800 000 832 to apply over the phone or be connected by an outreach partner in their community.

For those without internet access, phone and in-person support is available through our Community Outreach Partners – including Anglicare Victoria, Brotherhood of St Laurence, Community Information and Support Victoria, Ethnic Community Council Victoria, Good Shepherd, State Trustees and Neighbourhood Houses across Victoria.

To apply for the $250 Power Saving Bonus, head here.