The Getaway Plan: Dark Horses

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The Getaway Plan: Dark Horses

We never thought we’d see it happen, but against all odds The Getaway Plan are back and ready to take on big things. After band break ups, personal obstacles and nearly five years of not a single track recorded, the guys have released their third and highly anticipated LP, Dark Horses.
Dark Horses is full of experimental sounds, great rock riffs and lyrics that insinuate a turbulent couple of years. The introductory track, ‘Landscapes’ is full of big sounds and soul and pain all at once.
Track two wasn’t my thing, instrumentally it was rocking but dare I say that the vocals made it sound a little ‘pop boy band-like’ and track three was much the same. I’m going to get hate mail for those last comments.
The last track, ‘Exodus’ is really cool, it’s melodic and melancholy, almost reflective in sound. It was the stand out on the LP and lyrically, it’s pretty genius.
Dark Horses is a great LP and definitely worth a listen, especially if you want to hear some great rock music. However, I feel the vocals really take away from the overall attitude that the instrumentals work so hard to build up, which is a bit disappointing really.
Out now via Dope Mountain
Reviewed by Montana Agustin