The Genes: Dead Street Light

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The Genes: Dead Street Light

The Genes started their musical career busking in Brisbane’s Queen St Mall in 1990. Nearly 30 years on, Dead Street Light is the bands 12th album. This album falls in line with The Genes other musical releases, it has the same simple nature – music with soulful lyrics and expressive melodies. Dead Street Light is a very calming album that is sweet, and enjoyable listen.
Dead Street Light is an album that tells a story, one of journeys and change. The album was inspired by the difficult and happy time lead singer songwriter Nolan Angell experienced after suffering a serious surfing injury.
Dead Street Light is like an old friend, one you don’t see that often but you still remember the lilt of their voice.
It is also an album that reflects the laid-back nature of the members of the Genes, who are promoting this album on a “busking tour” – journeying the country by van (filled with musical instruments and surfboards) and simply stopping any place that looks “like a good place to play”.
3.5 Stars
Rubber Records
Reviewed by Perri Digby