The Geelong music community unites for concert to support Isabella Khalife’s battle with cancer

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The Geelong music community unites for concert to support Isabella Khalife’s battle with cancer

Words by Staff Writer

A huge night of music is happening in support of Isabella Khalife, a beloved local musician.

The Geelong music community is rallying together to support one of their own, Isabella Khalife, in her brave battle against Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Known for her sweet-sounding vocals, honest and emotional lyrics and multi-instrumental skills, Isabella, fondly called “Izzy,” has touched hearts with her openness about her cancer journey.

In a show of unity and support following the success of a Go Fund Me earlier this year, the Geelong Arts Centre is opening its doors for a fundraising concert this November, where the local music scene is coming together to show their love and solidarity for Isabella.

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Taking place on Wednesday, 8 November, the event will feature live performances by The Kite Machine, Lionel Baker, XYLA, Pepper Willow, Elizabeth Riordan, Rach Brennan, Daisy Kilbourne, Catie Alison, Jordan Frank, Tom Stevenson, Corey Cookson, and more.

In times of adversity, it’s the strength of community and the power of music that shine through. The Geelong music community, with its big heart, stands firmly behind Isabella Khalife.

“When I first shared my cancer diagnosis, a lot of you reached out asking what could be done to help. Well, with the help of some of my favourite Geelong humans – we now have a show,” Isabella Khalife says of the concert.

“I’ve been struggling to find the words (and still haven’t quite found them) to explain just how much the support from all of you in the Geelong Arts community has meant to me. In a time that has forced me to lean on others for help, you’ve given me just that; a shoulder, a hand, an ear, some company.

“Join us at the Geelong Arts Centre on Wednesday the 8th of November for what will be a very wholesome and likely tear filled evening.”

Alongside the music, there will be an online silent auction happening, filled with some really wonderful and generous donations from local creatives. Every cent of the Silent Auction will go directly to Izzy.

“The biggest of thank yous to those who’ve brought this fundraiser to life, and to all the musos and creatives involved. I love and appreciate you all.”

When Izzy discovered a lump on her collarbone earlier this year, she took immediate action, seeking medical attention. The diagnosis was a challenging one – Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Cancer takes an emotional and financial toll, and for Isabella, work is now out of the question. In response to the outpouring of love and concern from friends, fans, and well-wishers, she launched a GoFundMe campaign earlier in the year with the aim is to alleviate some of the considerable costs tied to her medical journey.

The funds collected through the GoFundMe campaign will play a crucial role in covering various aspects of her treatment, including treatment costs, specialist fees (including haematologists and fertility specialists), ongoing scans, and necessary tests.

“I am okay. ‘I know that I will swim again; I’ve done it many times before’,” Isabella reassures her supporters, reflecting the strength and positivity that radiates from her.

As of the time of writing, the GoFundMe campaign has raised $13,066, but the journey is far from over.

For more details and to book tickets for the fundraising concert, head here. You can visit the concert event here