The Geelong Hotel

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The Geelong Hotel

Over the years the Geelong Hotel has taken many forms. It’s been the Bended Elbow, the Yarra Hotel, Bended but it’s now known as the newly renovated industrial, yet modern, bar to help see you through the week. The Geelong Hotel has simply taken an old Geelong classic and made it better, and that sentiment is echoed throughout the venue design, menu and general workings.
Inside the venue there’s a variety of different seating options, catering for those who want a more formal dining experience to the casual sit down with friends at a bar. It’s clean, spacious and has little nods to Geelong with pictures from the past and present. One level up and things only get better with the beer garden. The space, which features ample seating and standing, is the ideal location to spend your summer. Better yet, there’s a considerable drinks menu (featuring many cocktails) to decide upon, making it the perfect spot for a few Coronas, some banter with mates and some lazy afternoon tunes as the sun sets. Live music also plays throughout the weekend on various levels.
Service is speedy, the staff know what they’re talking about and both those things combined make all the difference in the world when eating out. The menu features classics with a twist and made from only the best ingredients. There’s pizzas to share, a kick-ass parmi to eat alongside your beer and oyster specials on the Friday night ($1 each from 5-7pm) to kick off your weekend. If oysters aren’t your thing, Tuesday night is $10 pizzas, Wednesday is $15 parmis, Thursday is $15 steaks and all through the week you can pick up a lunch special for $15. The Geelong Hotel is about much more than just heading out to any old bar, it’s about the experience and the staff at the venue are more than capable of helping you create that.
Where: 69 Yarra St, Geelong
When: Mon-Fri 11.30am-late
Contact: 5223 2946