The Five Best Treats of Easter

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The Five Best Treats of Easter

It’s Easter again y’all and that means chocolate, tummy aches and cavities. In this health conscious world, it’s the time of the year where we can let our hair down and go wild without any guilt… well mostly. So munch away on this list of the top five best Easter chocolates!

1. The Red Tulip Chocolate Rabbit
Word on the street is that Cadbury bought Red Tulip and therefore took their chocolate recipe – which is what makes Cadbury so yummy. (Ok it did happen, but in the ’80s so I can’t verify). But regardless, Red Tulip Chocolate rabbit is a staple for Easter chocolates.

2. Cadbury’s Dairy Milk “Iconic” Bunny
Which brings me to the Dairy Milk icon bunny. It may be the same recipe to the Red Tulip, I’m not sure, but all I know is it has different foil, and you can’t deny that feeling of gratification when you rip off said foil and take that first bite out of the ears. Poirfect.

3. Humpty Dumpty
Arguments have been had in the Forte office about the Humpty Dumpty egg. Is it the best chocolate? Maybe not, but it has Smarties inside it and when I was a kid that meant more chocolate. Granted, the Smarties might also not be the best, but you can’t deny it’s got value for money.

4. Lindt Bunny
Ah the Lindt Bunny, no one can deny the milky smooth chocolate perfectly preserved in gold foil with a tiny bell. It’s the Mercedes Benz, the class H if you will, of the chocolate shelf.

5. Caramello Mini Easter Eggs
This is the bee’s knees of mini Easter eggs, especially for those treasure hunts! That’s right you’re never too old for an Easter hunt, and these gooey caramel babies have me pushing people out of the way left, right and centre.


Written by Caitlin Haddad