The Festival of Colours

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The Festival of Colours

Inspired by the traditional Hindu festival Holi, the Festival of Colours is a celebration of the human spirit. For those unfamiliar, the deal is pretty much this: each hour, participants will throw coloured powder at each other in a move of celebration and letting go.

Each colour symbolises a force in life and the act reflects how colour and life are inseparable. Music is also a big part of the day. For the little ones, there will be jumping castles and various other activities.

The Barwon Park Mansion, Winchelsea will host this most colourful of events on Sunday, March 20 (11a.m.­4p.m.). Coloured dyes are $5 per pack, or three for $10. Please note that although food is available, it is a meat, alcohol and smoke­free zone.