The Farm Gate Restaurant

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The Farm Gate Restaurant

Tucked away off the Bellarine Highway is The Farm Gate Restaurant, previously called The Harvester Moon.

Keeping the same fresh vibes the former venue was well known for, new owner Stephen Flellis has spent the last few months turning the central venue into a hub – inclusive of a cafe, restaurant, live music bar, function centre and hobby farm – whereby guests can come, eat, listen to music and look at a range of farm animals.

For Stephen, the venue and the locals, keeping the music aspect of the venue alive is a major drawcard, with a whole lot of artists already booked for the coming months.

This includes the Blue Grass Jam Session on December 11, Whitetop Mountaineers on January 20, Plan B on Australia Day, Liam Gerner, Snez, Luke Morris in February and Ben Waters from the UK in March – just to name a few.
With such a diverse range of acts, the venue appeals to all age groups, providing across the board entertainment on the Bellarine.

Farm Gate’s front of house manager Craig Walker says the restaurant is another highlight of the venue, now serving breakfast, lunch and dinner from Wednesday through to Sunday.

“A lot of people like the idea of just having a restaurant as well and just more of a local place to just come and have a drink and listen to some live music,” Craig says.

“That’s mainly what we want to get going.”

Farm Gate 2

The menu is based on Italian cuisine and seafood, made from fresh, locally sourced produce. Further promote their passion for organic and fresh ingredients, the crew are in the midst of planting their very own vegetable gardens.

As for what vibe you should expect from Bellarine’s new venue, Craig describes The Farm Gate as a home away from home.
“It’s just very relaxed and laid back, it’s more of a homely sort of place to come and sit down and have a meal, and enjoy a good show on or a stand up performance.”

Combining a love of food, music and a relaxed atmosphere (and even a dog-friendly area), The Farm Gate Restaurant should be on your summer radar.
The Farm Gate Restaurant is located 2320 Portarlington Road, Bellarine. Contact them on (03) 5259 3200.