The Evening Cast

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The Evening Cast

Made up of a collective of some of Geelong and the region’s most well-known creatives (Frank & Dolly’s happens to be run by a few band members), The Evening Cast are back in action with an album on the way and a performance set for this year’s food event, FEAST. We had a chat with band member Paul Cooper on what the band have been up to.

Hi Paul, thanks for taking the time to chat with Forte Magazine, how are you and what are you up to at the moment?

There’s a lot on at the moment, but that’s all good! We just finished filming a video for our new single to be released April 20. It’s the first time we have fully outsourced one of our videos which was a bit daunting, but from what I’ve seen during the editing process it’s been a great decision. We used a local guy Jake Plumridge who’s previous work really impressed us, he has a real cinematic eye and appreciates all the little details, just like us.

So we understand the new album isn’t far off, how has the recording in the Otways been?

That’s right! The album is ready to go to print now which is the final step before release on April 20. It’s a great feeling! Recording in the Otways was incredible, before we made that decision each member of the band submitted one word we wanted to get out of the process, when we put them all together there was a strong consensus of an organic/natural vibe. So while my brother Joel and his family were away holidaying, we emptied half of their house and turned it into a recording studio. Our bass player Ash doubles as a sound engineer so he was the genius behind the logistics and tone of working in quite a remote location.

Are you someone who takes inspiration from your surroundings and the environment?

Definitely! Yes! Right down to gear selection for the recording, it was all paired back to the surroundings. We used a lot of analogue equipment and took the time to sift through various instruments across many eras to make sure it matched the mood. Our songs heavily reflect our surroundings also, not necessarily always about home but places we have travelled and the moments that come from those experiences.

Are you able to fill our readers in on what to expect with this next release?

Sure. You can expect warm harmonies and songs that tell someone’s story (not always ours).  Over the years we have developed a sense of layering and space to compliment Joel’s vocal, this recording I think has some of our best moments of this. It also will give you a little taste of what’s next for us.

You do quite a bit of the writing with your brother Joel (and we’ve heard a bottle of dry gin), what’s it like sharing such an intimate thing as songwriting with him?

It’s something that has always been there I guess. It has become more refined since developing our strengths personally. Joel is amazing with lyrics and melody, and I get on these runs of ideas that I record on my phone, normally just on acoustic guitar and send across to him with no real instructions. I know where I want the music to go, and Joel kind of takes it from there. Our new single ‘Gangs of Fools’ is a great example of this. We are pretty in sync these days, and more times than not when we merge our ideas it works.

You’ll be performing at FEAST in a few weeks time, what kind of role does food play in your life?

For me personally food has become a real social thing recently, and with having a young family I think about it a lot more and where it comes from. I really enjoy having friends over for a meal and thinking about what to cook and where to get it. Luckily for me one of my best mates runs Raven’s Creek Farm in Moriac, so I have some of the best meat, produce and advice at my fingertips. Raven’s Creek Farm also happens to be where the FEAST event will be held this year, so it will be awesome to get to play there and sample some of the finest food and wine from our local area.

That’s part of Eat Local Month as well, do you think you’ll be heading along to anything else? Anything you’re looking forward to?

You will probably catch me at one of the Sunday Sessions at Wolsey Winery enjoying some live music. We played there recently and it had a great buzz, everyone one was up for the whole experience of food, wine & music. Its a great combo if you ask me…

Thanks again for taking the time to chat with Forte Magazine, is there anything else you’d like to add before we finish up?

Thanks for having me! I look forward to seeing everyone at FEAST and encourage people to get behind these awesome events that showcase small business’ and what our community has to offer. Also remember the date April 20 for when we release our album titled ‘Belong’. Available via iTunes, in selected stores and in person of course.

When & Where: FEAST @ Raven’s Creek Farm – April 2