The Emerging Artists Group

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The Emerging Artists Group

The Geelong Art Society is about much more than just hosting workshops, exhibitions and educating others on art. It’s also a space to encourage, educate and empower emerging artists in their craft. The newest Emerging Artists group has formed for another year, so we had a chat with mentor artists Dare Tekin and Jacinta Leitch about what the group is all about.

Hi Dare & Jacinta, thanks for taking the time to chat with Forte Magazine, how are you and what are you up to at the moment?

We are doing great, thanks. We have both just finished work on the Geelong City Council M-M project. Working on commissions, preparing for this year’s VCE Arts Show, teaching sculpture workshops, and study.

For our readers are you able to explain what the ’emerging artists group’ entails?

Now in its 4th year, The Emerging Artist group consists of six recent school leavers from the Geelong area – Annabelle Stonehouse, Jack Grayson, Pascalle Bailey, Paris Smith, Nay Bu Soe Htoo, and Kirraley Hardiman – working collectively to put on an exhibition. Everything from the name, the artwork, install and opening night is curated by the group. Interacting and meeting with professional artists and galleries, the group is offered first hand experience within the arts industry.

And how did you come to choose the six artists that were involved?

From last year’s VCE graduates, these students showed an interest and drive in developing their work to another level. It’s a big commitment – individually juggling school, jobs and social lives. We really wanted a group that showed potential in progressing their practice and exhibiting new works.

Being such experienced artists yourselves, do you remember when you were in the same position as these young artists you’re mentoring?

Yes, it was a nightmare to be honest. I had no idea what I was doing or nobody to show me the ropes, but I persevered and put on my first solo exhibition with many mistakes and unknowns to factor in. That’s why we really encourage the exchange of knowledge between artists and hope that if anybody wants to share or help please feel free to contact us.

What would you consider to be a sign of a successful mentorship?

To be excited by the opportunities that are out there for them, and a successful exhibition in which everyone gains knowledge, insight and confidence to continue within the creative arts.

What are the biggest things that personally you get from mentoring emerging artists?

Showcasing the potential of emerging artists within the Geelong and surrounding area, there are so many great artists about, it’s nice to think we can guide a few of them. From past years participants, we have been able to follow their artistic careers and feel really gratified at their achievements. From solo shows, further study to creative business endeavours it’s rewarding to see these young artists recognised.

What kind of things does the Geelong Art Society offer young artists?

As well as supporting the Emerging Artist show, with one-on-one tutorials, free classes and workshops. The Art Society offers discounted classes with established professionals from multi disciplinary areas for students. Sponsoring the VCE Art Show every year, schools are invited from Geelong and region, to participate in a ‘best of ‘exhibition, a bit like Top Arts.

Thanks again for taking the time to chat with us, is there anything else you’d like to add before we finish up?

Have a look at our Facebook page Emerging Artists Geelong 2016; it’s a way to check out the artists, their past and present works and details on their up coming show. Thanks for the chat and we will keep you posted.

Pictured: Paris Smith. Anabelle Storehouse. Nay Bu Soe Htoo. Kirraley Hardiman. Pascalle Bailey. Jack Grayson.