The Dead Love: Transitions

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The Dead Love: Transitions

Having shared a stage with some seriously big acts – we’re talking Aerosmith and Van Halen here, people – it’s no surprise that the lads from The Dead Love can crank out an awesome rock album. The three-piece from Sydney definitely fall in the alt-rock category, but there’s some punky undertones here and there that make vocalist/guitarist Stevie Knight’s riffs really stand out. Ably supported by the rhythm section – bassist Clint Ossington and drummer Chris Blancato – Knight does a stellar job, covering both harder tracks (like the Karnivool-esque opening track ‘This is a War’) and softer ballads with ease.
Track 7, ‘Western Hooker’, is a real standout: Ossington’s opening riff is catchy as all hell, Blancato’s thunderous drumming just plain kicks arse and Knight pulls off a vocal style that would put Scott Weiland to shame. It’s the kind of track that would be an absolute blast to see the band perform live; the studio version makes one hell of an impact, and the band’s vaunted live presence would take it to the next level. The other tracks on the album tend to be along the same lines – high energy, in-your-face rock that would be at home in a packed stadium.
The band makes use of synth here and there, and while it supports their sound well, it tends to be a bit overpowering in places and seems a little out of place. However, it’s far from a major issue, and Transitions is most definitely a debut album to be proud of.
By Alastair McGibbon