The Dark Mofo 2017 lineup is here

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The Dark Mofo 2017 lineup is here

Dark Mofo is an artistic exploration of the ritualistic, the sacred, the religious and an array of such dichotomous concepts as humanity and nature, darkness and light, birth and death.

The timing of Dark Mofo is important in this conceptual exploration, given the ritualistic and religious importance of the solstice across numerous cultures worldwide.

Dark Mofo 2017 is packed with a diverse array of acts, but some of the stand-outs are Mogwai, Ulver, Einstürzende Neubauten, Anaal Nathrakh, Xiu Xiu and A.B. Original. In addition to the musical, artists like Hermann Nitsch, Mike Parr and Chris Levine will be adding to the creative offerings of Dark Mofo.

Dark Mofo takes place between Thursday July 8 and Wednesday July 21 in venues and spaces all across Hobart.