The Dardi Shades share their top five up-and-coming Aussie bands

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The Dardi Shades share their top five up-and-coming Aussie bands

Following on from releasing a slew of standout singles, NSW Camden-based indie-rock band The Dardi Shades have just unveiled their infectious new single ‘Yeah You’re Young’ – produced by Adrian Breakspear (Gang of Youths, Boy & Bear, Triple One).

‘Yeah You’re Young’ is an explosion of jangly, summer-soaked indie-pop, that takes cues from luminaries The Vampire Weekend, The Kooks and The Libertines. From the outset, bright-sparked guitars play against the fervent vocals of endearing front man Stewart Patterson, of which is all held intact by a commanding rhythmic section. Check it out below.

Patterson talks about the meaning behind ‘Yeah You’re Young’:

“’Yeah You’re Young (but not going to be forever)’ is generally a sentiment of encouragement for the listener to take chances in their immediate situation as nothing worth doing comes easy. I wanted to juxtapose the song sonically between specific influences such as The Kooks, Libertines and the Killers. I wanted raw, scratchy lead lines and tight rhythm sections that transform into a big-production, stadium rock styled chorus. Finishing with a rather personal and self-reflective “in-the-room” vibe for the song to finish on; and I really think we achieved what we set out to do with the help of Adrian Breakspear”.

To coincide with the release, the band sat down with Forte and shared their top five up and coming Aussie bands that we need to know about!

Hollie Col
Track to check: Let Me Down
Hollie is also from our lovely hometown and she is absolutely wonderful! She’s an Indie-folk songstress with soulful and swooning melodies and she has it absolutely dialled. Her track ‘Let me Down’ is filled with haunting vocals and a glassy acoustic feel. Such an immersive track.

Track to check: Ghost
Gaining some very well deserved traction are a favourite of ours, RAT!hammock. Their first track ‘June’ intrigued me, and I really loved the sweetness of the chorus. Their follow up however is incredibly clever and emotive. We are big fans of The Pixies & Smashing Pumpkins and these guys do the soft verse/huge chorus thing so well. Ghost will be in my top 10 of the year, it’s just so good.

The Phazes
Track to check: Control My Radar
The Phazes are from Sydney, and we met these lunatics playing a show together in Newtown. We naturally think The Strokes are god’s amongst men and The Phazes are honing that 00’s NYC dive-bar rock sound so well. Control My Radar is a track you should definitely not listen to if you hate getting songs stuck in your head. Proper floor filler.

Track to check: Timee
Really don’t know much about this dude other than he is from Wollongong and sounds like he should be from Chicago. This track has such an awesome flow and catchy hook. Fans of Chance The Rapper et al. will dig this and hard. Hope to catch him soon.

Track to check: Always
I love Ivey. Indie pop-rock that is so catchy and contagious. Fans of San Cisco would vibe; the boy/girl singers play off each other so well and come together really nicely too! Their track ‘Always’ is a perfect showcase of all the reasons I like them. Great guitar tones, tight riffs and a very, very catchy chorus.

‘Yeah You’re Young’ is available worldwide now.