The Controllers: Animals

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The Controllers: Animals

Blasting through my laptop speakers with ‘Nina Fell In Love’ is the opening track to The Controllers new EP Animals. With a healthy mix of heavy drums and bass that makes me smile at this punk rock sound the band has been working hard on these past couple of years. Animals follows up from their debut EP which spawned the single ‘Regression’ which is their most commercially successful song.
The production on this EP is awesome. The sound of the band is great. The drums are tight, the guitars are heavy and the vocals just take you to another place. Inspired by Violent Soho, The Audition, and Against Me! You should head out and see these guys live. If their EP is anything to go by, their live show will be nothing but electric.
My favourite track is ‘I Dare You To Contradict Me’ it sounds a little like early Grinspoon and, as the second shortest song on the release, it’s addictive and intriguing to hear some synth in the choruses. On tour over the next month all around the country, you should definitely head out and support one of the best Australian punk bands of the moment. This EP has many highlights and offers many air guitar moments, so what are you waiting for?
Reviewed by Tex Miller