The Cherry Dolls

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The Cherry Dolls

Hot on the heels of their new single ‘The Last Time’, The Cherry Dolls will be hitting Ballarat later this month for a show that is bound to get your blood pumping.
Straying slightly from their previous Zeppelin and Rolling Stones inspired sound, guitarist Jacob Kagan says their new EP Wasted Pearls, due for release later this year, will be grungier and dirtier than fans have heard from them before while still keeping their own usual spin on things.
“The sound has changed a bit lately. It used to be pretty rock and roll riffs and solos, but now it’s a bit more of a Strokes kind of Velvet Underground sound,” he says.
“Not quite as clean as The Strokes and not quite as nasty as The Velvet Underground.”
When asked what exactly influenced such a style change, Jacob points to when he and drummer Thomas Van Der Vliet joined the band just over six months ago. After welcoming them into the world of The Cherry Dolls, original members Joshua Aubry, Lachie Gilmour and Mick Byers were more than happy to let their new band mates influence the music the group was creating.
Though Jacob admits that his band mates aren’t always on the same page when it comes to song writing and sound: “I usually get my way though”, he laughs. The Cherry Dolls’ video for their new single ‘The Last Time’ shows just how electric the band is, not only on stage, but off it too. Filmed as they were setting off to play a few shows in Sydney, Jacob says that the spontaneous idea to make their road trip into a film clip was the perfect way to present their new music.
“We just thought we’d document it and it ended up having quite a vibe in the video. There was no concept per se, we just got a bunch of footage of the mayhem,” he says.
This kind of mayhem is what fans can expect when The Cherry Dolls hit Melbourne and Ballarat later this month. Jacob says the band is always eager to play regional shows as they never fail to bring in enthusiastic young fans.
“A lot of the younger crowds come out and they really get into it. There’s always kids up the front head banging and getting wasted and rowdy and they’re really stoked on the band, so that’s always a nice feeling,” he says.
Promising their usual electric, high-energy performance, The Last Time tour is definitely not one to miss. Playing a mixture of their newer and older tracks, the show is more polished than ever before without skimping on the mayhem that characterises both the band and their fans alike.
When & Where: Shebeen, Melbourne – May 29 & Karova Lounge, Ballarat – May 30
Written by Kara Ready