The Chemical Brothers: Born in the Echoes

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The Chemical Brothers: Born in the Echoes

Listening to The Chemical Brothers at 8am in the morning was the worst idea, or possibly, the best I’ve ever had? It’s hard not to get pumped up with the heavy synth, rhythmic beats and smooth soulful vocals from the Chemical Brothers. ‘Sometimes I Feel So Deserted’ was the song to wake me up and ‘Go’ was the track to get me dancing in my seat.
It’s not surprising that by now, most of the songs on this album have already had significant airplay, as they’re all executed very well. They offer original beats that don’t have you thinking of something you’ve heard before, and as an electronic band, they tap into the ability to make you want to dance no matter where you are; bus stop, in the car, at the supermarket, you name it.
‘I’ll See You There’ is manic, unpredictable and just the kind of brain-altering tunes we’ve come to love from The Chemical Brothers. It’s a highlight for me, and set to be a classic for the hard party goers wanting to completely lose themselves. Mid way through, just when you think its reached the peak, things slow down, the vocals kick in and you relive the same experience over (and what feels like over and over again). Title track ‘Born in the Echoes’ deserves a huge mention as a standout too.
Further working towards messing with your mind, ‘Taste of Money’ factors in “bee sounds” to the track and is a slow, staggered, erratic release. Overall the Chemical Brothers have stayed true to wanting to fuck with your mind all while creating some solid danceable beats. Pick this one up if you’re a fun or enjoy in what I’ve just mentioned.
Out Now Via EMI Music Australia
Reviewed by Alexander Lightfoot