Matt Glass

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Matt Glass

Crackling with wit and infectious melody – Melbourne’s smouldering, cool, inner-urban contemporary folk savant, Matt Glass is a craftsman: writer, performer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. Sparkling with hooky exuberance in his new EP, Slow Fireworks, a mission statement of Glass’s inner-city, pop-folk sensibility, his songs are unique in their impressionistic style – warm-hearted and infectiously catchy snapshots of time, place, and feeling. Glass explores the complex landscape of contemporary relationships – writing from personal experiences as a father, son, lover and friend. Often brutally honest, non-romanticised little fragments of modern Melbourne life, Glass draws in the listener with strong urban-Australian, chill-folk mastery.

In Slow Fireworks, Glass has fused traditional folk hooks with contemporary beats, creating a unique – yet readily accessible – sonic landscape. At times reminiscent of the genre-hopping folk wisdom of David Gray, Slow Fireworks was birthed during the bleak Melbourne winter lockdown of 2020, collaborating with producer Myles Mumford, who pitched in with the recording, mixing and drum programming. Glass is virtuosic, playing every instrument on the EP.

Raised in East Gippsland, hippy parents nursed Glass on a steady diet of folk and roots genius from the 70s and 80s – Joni Mitchell, Bob Marley, Phoebe Snow, Melanie Safka. Glass’ musical DNA is woven into the protest songs and emotional landscapes of the era as well as the grooves and roots of Africa. For a period of his childhood, he grew up in Zimbabwe, cradled by locals as his parents taught as part of a community development project. “I suppose I’ve always felt like I carry a bit of that perspective,” says Glass of his childhood in Africa and country Victoria. “I see myself very much as part of Melbourne. Even though I’ve lived in Queensland and New Zealand as a young man – my heart is here. But I see my city sometimes as a bit of an outsider – as someone who grew up in the country, I’m deeply aware of how unique and special my city is. But having lived in Africa for a significant time, I’m also very conscious of the privilege associated with being a white Australian male.”

Having won the prestigious Roddy Read Songwriting Award at the Maldon Folk Festival in 2019, Glass is proud to launch his new EP. Undoubtedly, this bright, sensual, talented new folk star will win hearts and minds along the way.