The Bronx Pressed Juices Revolution

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The Bronx Pressed Juices Revolution

Healthy living and eating out has had a facelift in Geelong, and co-owners of the Bronx Pressed Juices Jake Munday and John Kennedy are at the forefront. After opening their first store in early August, plans are underway for expanding with a Torquay location set to open later this month.

“We weren’t going to do it this quickly but a ripper spot came up so we thought, ‘Let’s do it’,” Jake Munday says of the esplanade storefront next to popular cafe, Pond. “For me it’s all about experience and all about growth and taking on a new challenge. I love it.”

While the soon-to-be Torquay location is getting the Bronx treatment, the kitchen is getting an upgrade too, with previously King of the Castle chef, Lauren Ellis, set to join the team and a series of new menu items (including cold-pressed icy poles and raw donuts) to be introduced for summer.


Growth is important to the business partners, but health is at the core of what the Bronx is all about. Starting out with their range Jake and John enlisted help from nutritionists and naturopaths to ensure each juice and menu item had definite health benefits. Also part of the team is Erin Bartholomaeus and Cobie Higgins who, each with a background in health, have helped develop aspects of the menu.

“[It’s just about] jumping in and being enthusiastic and going full pace at it,” Jake says. “One of my favourite sayings is ‘I’ll do things today that others will do tomorrow, so that tomorrow I will do things that others can’t’. And I guess that’s how I kind of run my businesses. I’ll do as much as I can with the time I’ve got.”

With a background investing in Facebook pages (Dog Lovers and Worlds Best Pranks) and entrepreneurial businesses (Pearly Whites and Swing Boss), Jake has a mind for business and partnering with John (who co-operates Quban) allowed The Bronx Pressed Juices a great platform for growth.

“I kind of just fell into [Bronx], and that’s part of my whole journey in the business world – I’ve been very good at grabbing something and just learning as I go,” Jake says.


While this may be Jake’s first venture into hospitality, he’s inspired by those around him who are pioneers in the industry. One such inspiration is Robbie Lecchino, owner of popular Geelong West cafe, King of the Castle.

“I look at someone like Robbie from King of the Castle and he’s a huge inspiration,” Jake says. “For what he’s done, he started King of the castle in a door and built customers in two or three years. I look at what he’s got now and remind myself that these things don’t happen overnight and I’m excited for where the Bronx is heading and in creating a brand that is that health alternative.”

With a second venue within four months of opening the first, it seems the business partners are on their way for pioneering healthy alternative eating in the Geelong region.

The Bronx Pressed Juices, at 75 Preston Street, Geelong West, is open from 7.30am until 3pm Monday to Saturday and 9am until 3pm Sunday. The second location is set to open later this month on The Esplanade in Torquay.

Written by Amanda Sherring